Our Story

Hi there, we are the By Surya Shop

The By Surya Shop is a Zen accessories brand inspired by our founders travels, in particular his time spent in Nepal. He was inspired to dream of the colourful meaning of the Buddha and sense of peace he found there.

We are part a coaching company where we teach people about Zen values, we were originally set and located in Spain, but are now based in Miami, Florida.

Inside our founding store in Spain.

We are a small family run business. We believe that modern life can be stressful and needs balance. Self-care and relaxation are our mission. From ancestral ritual to modern Zen techniques we have cultivated products to help enhance your, body, mind and soul

Fed up with the frenetic pace of modern life? Cannot get away from your smart phone, news, or social media? We believe there has never been a time in our history, where the need to relax, unwind, refresh, and rejuvenate has been more important for our wellbeing.

The By Surya Shop is a one stop shop for everything Zen. By Surya Shop™ products are selected carefully to help you find peace and rejuvenate yourself while also providing value for money.

We partner with small artisans and create unique products.

Steve & team, November 2020




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