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Shungite tumblestones B quality in transparent jar



Shungite tumblestones - B quality - in transparent jar

Clears contaminated water
Protects against electric smog

Shungite is a black stone, of over 2 billion years old, similar to coal. It is a unique natural formation, intermediate between amorphous carbon and graphite.

In a general sense, shungite is a stone which in large part consists of finely-dispersed globular carbon (98%) in crystalline phase and a special form of carbon - fullerene. Shungite possesses adsorption activity (the ability to absorb substances from the environment), bactericidal activity, high adhesion characteristics (the ability to communicate with any substances), RF shielding characteristics.
It is used to protect against electric smog near computers.

Shungite has been used in medical treatment since the early 18th century. Peter the Great set up Russia's first spa in Karelia, to make use of the water purifying properties of shungite, which he himself had experienced. He also instigated its use in providing purified water for the Russian army. The anti-bacterial properties of shungite have been confirmed by modern testing.

Product specifications

Material Gemstone
Weight grams 600

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